North rolls over Bears, wraps up 2nd seed

North's Michael Haynes

North's Michael Haynes

SUWANEE -- North Gwinnett clinched the second seed and guaranteed itself at least one home game in the playoffs with a 49-7 win over Mountain View on Senior Night. North head coach Bob Sphire was pleased to have the assurance of playing at home to open the playoffs.

"It's always nice to at least get that first one at home." said Sphire. "Even though we've been a pretty good road team, it is good for the guys to have that familiar routine going into a big game."

The Bulldogs (8-1, 6-1 Region 7-AAAAAA) came out hot receiving the opening kickoff and marching 70 yards on eight plays and scoring on a three-yard pass to Russell King from Michael Haynes who was 5-for-5 on the drive for 44 yards.

Two possessions later Haynes connected with Nate Brown for 48 yards for his second of three touchdown passes in the game. That capped a four-play 66-yard drive and with 11:13 to play in the second half the Bulldogs had a 14-0 lead.

Mountain View (3-6, 2-5 Region 7-AAAAAA) was unable to move on the ensuing possession but a 63-yard punt by Chris Bartlett forced the Bulldogs to start at their own 20. North was on the move again and looked as if it was going to be able to score easily, but when Caleb Scott bobbled a screen pass from Hayden Sphire the Bears' William Tuider was there to pick it off and return it 64 yards for a TD. Following the extra point the Bulldogs' lead was cut in half.

That was all the scoring North would allow and it followed the interception by scoring 21 points in just 55 seconds to finish out the first half. Scott caught a TD pass to finish a nine-play 65-yard drive and also was on the receiving end of a 10-yard score after the Bears fumbled the kickoff giving the Bulldogs excellent field position. Then Mountain View fumbled again on the first play of its next possession and North's Bobby Young picked it up and took it 34 yards for a TD giving the Bulldogs a 35-7 halftime lead.

North was able to get a lot of players in the game in the fourth quarter after extending its lead to 49-7 on a 34-yard run by Jonathan Lewis and a 6-yard TD pass from Hayden Sphire to Nick Andryusky in the third quarter.

Sphire was happy that he was able to get some playing time for the young players.

"That was a lot of fun." said Sphire. "I don't know if we got them all in but we were certainly trying."

Marvin Elam had a productive night, rushing for 118 yards on 22 carries. North's offense was led by Haynes who was 11 of 16 for 159 yards passing with three TDs. Sphire also added 125 yards through the air going 9 of 12 with a TD. Scott also had six catches for 91 yards and two scores.


NGHS09 2 years, 9 months ago

Baby brother Caleb is turning into quite the WR. I'd say he will be better than Chad next season. It worries me that NG might have to play Grayson in the second round. Please win Parkview! I like that matchup A LOT better lol. I hope Haynes stays healthy and that his best games are ahead of him. I was looking at his stats a minute ago and he has quietly put together very good numbers this season. 67% comp., 1,750 yds, 21 TDs against only 5 picks (3 of which have come off dropped or tipped passes)...also 675 yds rushing and 3 more scores. Anyone that has seen him play can tell you how strong of an arm he has and how accurate he is. Lets not forget about his running ability. It's a shame we don't get him another year. He would be a State POY Candidate. His stats show that he plays his best against good competition like Norcross, MC, and Collins Hill. That's an awesome sign considering the playoffs are a couple weeks away. If NG can avoid playing Grayson I think this team has a chance to make the semi's...reminds me a lot of the 2007 team.


NGHS09 2 years, 9 months ago

2007 NG by the numbers:

Regular Season (10 games): NG21 Walton16 (W) NG22 Bwood21 (W) NG35 Mill Creek2(W) NG43 F-Central18(W) NG24 CH3 (W) NG32 Duluth0 (W) NG31 PTR19 (W) NG29 S-Forsyth6 (W) without Tamburo NG35 N Forsyth7 (W) NG14 Norcross24 (L) 10 point loss for the region title

Total Points Scored = 286 (10 games) Total Points Allowed = 116 (10 games) PPG = 28.6 PA per game= 11.6

Playoffs: Marietta R1 (5-3 region; 7-3 overall) Brookwood R2 (8-0 region; 10-1 overall) Newnan R3 (6-0 region; 11-1 overall) Walton R4 (5-0 region; 12-1 overall) Lowndes for the title (6-0 region; 13-1 overall) *Before they moved the title game back to the dome

2012 NGby the numbers: Regular Season (through 9 games): NG16 Colquitt14 (W) NG38 A.C. Flora0 (W) NG45 M-creek20 (W) NG21 Norcross31 (L) Same deficit as 2007 and also for the region title NG42 Duluth28 (W) NG47 Mill Creek28 (W) NG44 H-Central6 (W) NG38 CH24 (W) NG49 Mntview7 (W) NG? PTR? (?) Let's be honest, NG wins this soundly. My guess is 35-14.

Total Points Scored = 340 (9 games) Total Points Allowed = 158 (9 games) PPG = 38 PA per game= 17

Playoffs: ????? TBA

Analysis: 1) 2012 NG has scored 340 points in 9 games as opposed to 2007 NG which only scored 286 points in 10 games. That's 54 more points with one reg. season game left. Their different opponents are about equal in comparison; Meadowcreek = Forsyth Central, South Forsyth = H-Central, and North Forsyth = Mntview. To prove that this offense is better than the 2007 group, look no further than the fact that Norcross, MC, CH, and Duluth are undeniably better teams and certainly offenses in 2012.

2) Although the 2012 defense has given up more points (158) than the 2007 defense (116 in 10 games) through 9 games, the offenses of Duluth, MC, Collins Hill, and certainly Norcross are better. Three missed tackles in the MC game and two INT's for TD's in the Meadowcreek and Norcross games accounted for 35 points. This defense has shown plenty of flashes of brilliance since the Norcross game. They are mostly 1st year starters, but are rolling right now. They haven't been scored on in 6 qrts and look to make it 10 straight scoreless qrts heading into the playoffs. They need a big playoff win to find their identity, but once they do look out.

3) Michael Haynes = Mikey Tamburo. The only difference between the two is years of experience. If Haynes keeps coming up big for NG in big games, then they will be just fine on offense. Hell he looks like Mikey on the field. His on-the-field play has brought back a lot of fans whose sons played in the past. The community is on his side and his teammates love and respect him. They will follow him just like the teams from 2006-2008 did.


NGHS09 2 years, 9 months ago

My point, in that lonnngggg post, is that this year's team is one of the best Sphire coached NG teams. They have been completely out of the media spot light and don't even realize how good they can be. In recent years, the hype caught up with the team in the playoffs...this team is is flying under the radar and will beat someone they are not supposed to.


Dawgapedia 2 years, 8 months ago

Agreed, NGHS, this team has been so exciting to watch this year. Starting out as underdogs in the Dome just helped build the excitement. The student section is the most energized I've ever seen it.

Just a few more points on Haynes: first, the article is wrong, he actually had 4 TDs in this game, not 3, and did it all by midway through the second quarter before he came out.

Look at his total offensive output this season. His passing efficiency (considering total yards, completion %, touchdowns and interceptions) is basically identical to Brett Shehan, so we'll say they are tied for first place in the county in AAAAAA. The difference maker is that Haynes has about 700 yards rushing and three more rushing TDs which are about half as many rushing yards as the leading rusher in the county. So Haynes is basically putting out as much offensive output as Brett Sheehan + 1/2 of Alvin Kamara. He could have put up at least 500 more yards but he's only played in half of five games this year. Show me another team that has five or six QBs in their depth chart who have gotten enough playing time to put up 500 yards passing. In my book, he has to be the favorite for Offensive Player of the Year.


Dawgapedia 2 years, 8 months ago

Another point on Haynes - too bad we only have him for one year. What character it showed for that young man to stay in our program behind C J and Scotty the last few years knowing he would only get one year. Most other kids would have transferred to another school to get an extra year or two of playing time. I hope he finds a great place to play college ball, he has earned it.

The Dawgs could make a very nice run, but we have to keep everyone healthy. There is just not as much depth on this team as in years past. Go Dawgs!


NGHS09 2 years, 8 months ago

Better yet, I challenge Brandon B. to find a more pivtol and electric player at any offensive position in the whole county! I know, I know...that might be Bold, but honestly he has brought back the Tamburo factor. The community is more envolved and the students, like you said, are running with this energy. I think the last three years were full of high expectations and media hype. 2012 holds a new destiny for NG that is not already penciled in, like in years past. Look forward to watching the DAWGS rout PTR. Again, this team will beat somebody that they are not supposed to.


HeadHunter 2 years, 8 months ago

Agree on all points above.....I love those NG BULLDAWGS!!!!!!


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