The Hangzhou Spark are on the cusp of the playoffs. The Seoul Dynasty are still fighting to steal their spot.

The Spark beat the Dallas Fuel 3-1 on Thursday night as Week 4 of the Overwatch League Stage 4 got underway in Burbank, Calif., putting Hangzhou within one win (or a Seoul loss) of clinching a playoff spot.

In the following match, the Dynasty topped the Shanghai Dragons 3-1 in a matchup would knock the loser out of the hunt for an automatic playoff berth.

At the end of Stage 4, the two division winners and the four teams with the next-best records will make the playoffs. The teams that finish seventh through 12th will compete in a play-in event for two more postseason spots.

Vancouver (24-2) and New York (21-5) have clinched their respective divisions. San Francisco (20-5) has secured one of the four remaining automatic playoff berths. After that, three teams are tied with 16 wins, including the Spark (16-10). The Dynasty (15-12) sit in seventh place but have only one match to play. The Spark have two matches remaining.

The day began with a matchup of two teams out of the playoff race, with the league-worst Florida Mayhem dismantling the Boston Uprising 4-0. The Mayhem opened with a 2-0 win on Ilios, followed with a 3-2 win on Hanamura and 2-1 decision on Hollywood, then finished with a 1-0 win on Route 66.

The Fuel, on the bubble for a play-in bid, took the first map from the Spark, 2-0 on Lijiang Tower. But Hangzhou evened the match with a 3-2 win on Hanamura, then won 2-0 on Blizzard World and 4-3 on Junkertown to close it out, all but eliminating Dallas (10-16) from a play-in spot.

Seoul took the first three maps against Shanghai -- 2-1 on Ilios, 2-0 on Hanamura and 1-0 on Blizzard World -- before Shanghai avoided the sweep with a 2-0 win on Route 66.

Week 4 continues Friday with three matches scheduled:

Washington Justice vs. Atlanta Reign

Chengdu Hunters vs. San Francisco Shock

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Hangzhou Spark

Overwatch League overall standings through Aug. 15

y-1. (Pacific) Vancouver Titans, 24-2 (84-23-0, plus-61)

y-2. (Atlantic) New York Excelsior, 21-5 (73-34-3, plus-39)

3. (Pacific) San Francisco Shock, 20-5 (81-24-0, plus-57)

4. (Pacific) Los Angeles Gladiators, 16-10 (62-44-3, plus-18)

5. (Pacific) Hangzhou Spark, 16-10 (57-50-4, plus-7)

6. (Atlantic) London Spitfire, 16-11 (58-48-6, plus-10)

--Automatic postseason bid cutoff--

7. (Pacific) Seoul Dynasty, 15-12 (63-47-3, plus-16)

8. (Pacific) Guangzhou Charge, 14-13 (57-57-1, even)

9. (Atlantic) Philadelphia Fusion, 14-13 (54-59-3, minus-5)

10. (Atlantic) Atlanta Reign, 12-12 (56-48-0, plus-8)

11. (Pacific) Shanghai Dragons, 13-13 (50-54-3, minus-4)

12. (Pacific) Chengdu Hunters, 12-14 (52-60-1, minus-8)

--Postseason play-in cutoff --

13. (Pacific) Los Angeles Valiant, 11-14 (52-53-4, minus-1)

14. (Pacific) Dallas Fuel, 10-16 (42-63-3, minus-21)

15. (Atlantic) Paris Eternal, 10-16 (42-63-3, minus-21)

16. (Atlantic) Houston Outlaws, 9-18 (45-66-3, minus-21)

17. (Atlantic) Boston Uprising, 8-17 (39-68-2, minus-29)

18. (Atlantic) Toronto Defiant, 8-19 (39-68-4, minus-29)

19. (Atlantic) Washington Justice, 7-19 (35-69-5, minus-34)

20. (Atlantic) Florida Mayhem, 5-22 (32-75-5, minus-43)

y-Clinched division

--Field Level Media

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