Led by Call of Duty World League finals champion eUnited, eight teams finished pool play undefeated as round-robin action wrapped up Thursday evening in Los Angeles, completing the 16-team playoff field.

The 32-team tournament began with eight pools of four teams each, with round-robin play starting Wednesday and finishing Thursday. The top two teams from each group advanced to the double-elimination knockout stage, which features best-of-five matches from Friday through Sunday's Grand Final.

Teams in Pools A-D each played two matches Wednesday, leaving just one on Thursday.

eUnited, who triumphed in Miami last month, finished 3-0 after beating Elevate 3-1, securing the top spot in Pool A. Despite the loss, Elevate nabbed the pool's other playoff spot by virtue of a tiebreaker over fellow 1-2 teams RBL Esports and Celtic FC Esports. RBL beat Celtic, knocking them out.

Enigma6 Group nearly escaped pool play without dropping a map, sweeping Gen.G to finish with a 9-1 map differential and capture Pool B. Team WaR nabbed the other Pool B spot -- and the right to face eUnited in the knockout round -- with a sweep of Fuego Gaming. Enigma6 will next face Elevate.

FaZe Clan swept Units 3-0 in a battle of 2-0 teams to clinch Pool C, with Units going through as the second-place team.

Units will face Pool D winner Team Envy, who survived against LGND Status in their third straight 3-2 result, in the knockout stage. Taking on FaZe will be Team Reciprocity, who swept Sage eSports 3-0.

Teams in Pools E-H each played two matches Thursday after just one Wednesday.

Team Singularity swept Vanity 3-0 and then outlasted UYU 3-2 to finish 3-0 and win Pool E. Luminosity Gaming recovered from a sweep at Singularity's hands on Wednesday to beat UYU 3-2 and sweep Vanity 3-0 to grab the pool's second playoff spot. Vanity were the only team in the tournament to lose every map.

Luminosity will next face 100 Thieves, who beat FURY Gaming and Midnight Esports each by a 3-1 margin to take Pool F. Sicario Gaming, who were swept by 100 Thieves on Wednesday, recovered to beat Midnight 3-2 and sweep FURY 3-0, earning a playoff matchup with Singularity.

OpTic Gaming beat Evil Geniuses -- who won the event in 2018 -- 3-1 in both teams' finale to finish 3-0 and claim the top spot in Pool G. OpTic had beaten Carnage Gaming 3-1 while EG beat TrainHard Esport 3-1 in their first matches Thursday to each secure playoff spots.

As Pool G's second-place team, EG will next face Splyce, who finished 3-0 to win Pool H after a 3-0 sweep of Team Heretics and 3-1 victory over Hybrid Gaming. Heretics swept Aspire 3-0 to secure the second spot in the group, setting up a playoff matchup with OpTic.

The knockout stage begins Friday with eight matchups:

eUnited vs. Team WaR

Splyce vs. Evil Geniuses

Team Singularity vs. Sicario Gaming

Team Envy vs. Units

FaZe Clan vs. Team Reciprocity

100 Thieves vs. Luminosity Gaming

OpTic Gaming vs. Team Heretics

Enigma6 Group vs. Elevate

After those matches, the first round of the losers' bracket will be played later Friday, with upper-bracket action resuming on Saturday.

The tournament champion will win $800,000 of the $2 million prize pool, with the runner-up taking home $260,000.

Final pool standings (record, map differential):

Pool A

eUnited -- 3-0, 9-2

*Elevate -- 1-2, 5-7

RBL Esports -- 1-2, 5-7

Celtic FC Esports -- 1-3, 4-7

Pool B

Enigma6 Group -- 3-0, 9-1

Team WaR -- 2-1, 6-3

Fuego Gaming -- 1-2, 4-8

Gen.G -- 0-3, 2-9

Pool C

FaZe Clan -- 3-0, 9-2

Units -- 2-1, 6-5

Mazer Gaming -- 1-2, 6-7

Animosity eSports -- 0-3, 2-9

Pool D

Team Envy -- 3-0, 9-6

Team Reciprocity -- 2-1, 8-3

Sage eSports -- 1-2, 5-6

LGND Status -- 0-3, 2-9

Pool E

Team Singularity -- 3-0, 9-2

Luminosity Gaming -- 2-1, 6-5

UYU -- 1-2, 7-6

Vanity -- 0-3, 0-9

Pool F

100 Thieves -- 3-0, 9-2

Sicario Gaming -- 2-1, 6-5

Midnight Esports -- 1-2, 6-7

FURY Gaming -- 0-3, 2-9

Pool G

OpTic Gaming -- 3-0, 9-3

Evil Geniuses -- 2-1, 7-4

TrainHard Esport -- 1-2, 5-6

Carnage Gaming -- 0-3, 1-9

Pool H

Splyce -- 3-0, 9-1

Team Heretics -- 2-1, 6-3

Aspire eSports -- 1-2, 3-7

Hybrid Gaming -- 0-3, 2-9

*Won tiebreaker

--Field Level Media

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