Duluth players make a tackle against Buford during a Gwinnett Football League game on Sept. 4.

The Gwinnett Football League’s players and cheerleaders of the week (athletes were selected by his or her coach):



First/second grade: A’Nyla Bailey

First/second grade: Nala Goodwell

Third grade: Carlie Chambers

Fourth grade: Alayna Krogh

Fifth grade: Jorryn Hardy

Sixth grade: Addyson Byrne

Seventh grade: Sanaa Matthews

Eighth grade: Morgyn Jackson


First/second grade: Rylee Prejean

Third grade: Addison Singleton

Fourth grade: Chloe Masterson

Fifth grade: Ashley Lillard

Sixth grade: Kyndall Cooper

Seventh grade: Anna DeFreitas

Eighth grade: Phoenix Brown


First/second grade: Storm Brown

Third grade: Averie Deskins

Third grade: Kate Cherepy

Fifth grade: Kara Maloney

Sixth grade: Stella Lonze

Sixth grade: Alexys King

Seventh grade: Lorelei Skinner

Eighth grade, Division I: Hillary Smith

Eighth grade, Division II: Ashlyn Henderson

Collins Hill

First grade: Jaidyn Cooper

Second grade: Meredith Clement

Third grade: Emma Gombala

Fourth grade: Emilie Martinez

Sixth grade: Haley Giddens

Seventh grade: Leilani Aguinaga

Eighth grade: Kelsey Kegbolo


Fourth grade: Gracie Miller

Fifth grade: Savannah Salley

Sixth/seventh grade: Ava Jenkins

Eighth grade: Sariyah Robinson


First/second grade: Madison Artemus

Third/fourth grade: Londyn Lee

Sixth grade: Kamari Washington


First-third grade: Samayrah Vixama

First-third grade: Emma Rios

First-third grade: Kenslie Ruppe

Fourth grade: Violet Parsons

Fifth grade: Leighton England

Sixth grade: Addie Stachowiak

Seventh grade: Jules Diaz

Eighth grade: Melody Wood

Mountain View

Third grade: Hayden Hipolito

Seventh grade: Chandler Hamilton

Eighth grade: Makayla Brown


First/second grade: Karley Young

Fifth grade: Aniyah Turner

North Gwinnett

First/second grade: Ansley Chovanic

Third grade: Camille Dennis

Third grade: Olivia Baker

Fourth grade: Charlotte Gallant

Fourth grade: Riley Stewart

Fifth grade: Isabel Gonzalez

Fifth grade: Reese Gaines

Sixth grade: Ella Claire Green

Seventh grade: Krystan Nelson

Eighth grade: Lily Claire Herman

Peachtree Ridge

First grade: Christina Isibor

Second grade: Skylar Jackson

Third grade: Anaya Pope

Fourth grade: Trinity-Lorraine Lee

Fifth grade: Raleigh Nelson

Sixth grade: Joleigh Walls

Seventh grade: Layla Wrice

Eighth grade: Haley Cail



6- and 7-year-old: Hudson Sylvester

6- and 7-year-old: Cason Lewis

8-year-old: Anthony Lemus

9-year-old: Jaxson Braswell

10-year-old: Kevin Mora

11-year-old: Ethan Jones, defense

12-year-old: Cohl Hendon

12-year-old: Kyle DeJoie

Eighth grade: Darius Pitts


9-year-old: C.J. Cameron

10-year-old: Malikhi Lofton


6- and 7-year-old: Gabriel Lord

6- and 7-year-old: Logan Wigley

8-year-old: Jamari Barr

8-year-old: Brody Hosenfield

9-year-old: Will Johnson

10-year-old: Braylon Strickland

10-year-old: Jordan Sharp

11-year-old: Braddock Green

12-year-old: Ashton Prehar

Eighth grade, Division II: Ian Chafin

Eighth grade, Division I: Dylan McCoy

Collins Hill

6- and 7-year-old: Jhonny Janvier

8-year-old: Dax Broussard-Cormier

9-year-old: Rowan Bush

11-year-old: McCarver Wagner

12-year-old: TeeJay Jackson


6- and 7-year-old: Kayden Worthy

9-year-old: T.Q. Welch

10-year-old: Ethan Miller

11-year-old: Jeremiah Barto

Eighth grade: Kobe Hokes


6- and 7-year-old: Mario Evans

9-year-old: Aderian Cowins Jr.

10-year-old: Kaejean Fitzgerald

11-year-old: Chris Rejouis

Eighth grade: Anthony Davis Jr.


6- and 7-year-old: Cason Coleman

10-year-old: Austin Taylor

11-year-old: Dereon Bonner

11-year-old: Brandon Grey

12-year-old: Saif Bin-Wahad

12-year-old: Ellis Stewart

Eighth grade: Ahmontae Pitts


6- and 7-year-old: Darius Fuller

11-year-old: Christian Davis

12-year-old: Aiden Blackwell

Eighth grade: Carson Cowart

Mill Creek

6- and 7-year-old: Noah Heard

9-year-old: Patrick Grossman

11-year-old: Michael Coronado

Mountain View

9-year-old: Christian Johnson

11-year-old: Elijah Reeves

12-year-old: Sherron Clark


6- and 7-year-old: Harlee Annis

9-year-old: Demari Carter

10-year-old: Zaire Mendez-Brantley

Eighth grade: Careem Tillman

North Gwinnett

7-year-old: Bradley Powell

8-year-old: Denym Laushaul

8-year-old: Beckett McDermond

9-year-old: Landyn Glover

9-year-old: Barrett Knutson

10-year-old: Mason Jenkins

10-year-old: Luke Ford

11-year-old: Alexander Agazzi-Logan

12-year-old: Bryson Ford

Eighth grade: Ryan Taran


6- and 7-year-old: Lunden Williams

8-year-old: Zephaniah Chea

9-year-old: Case Beebe

10-year-old: Jonathan Bryant

12-year-old: William Gause

Peachtree Ridge

8-year-old: Malik Williams

9-year-old: Eli Flowers

10-year-old: Davion Harvey-Lovell

12-year-old: Andrew Newett

Eighth grade: Kendall Sword

South Gwinnett

6- and 7-year-old: Peyton Dent-Roach

8-year-old: Rumeall Morris

10-year-old: Maxwell Jones

11-year-old: Bentley Teal

Eighth grade: Manny Scott

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