Mill Creek players run onto the field before a Gwinnett Football League game this season.

The Gwinnett Football League’s players and cheerleaders of the week (athletes were selected by his or her coach):



6- and 7-year-old: Wyatt Smith

Eighth grade, Division II: Cameron Jones


9-year-old: Terrell Smith


8-year-old: Barrett Ruckert

9-year-old: Mason Degon

10-year-old: Gahmaad Williams

11-year-old: Jameer Cantrell

12-year-old: Bryce Gindlesperger

Eighth grade, Division II: Tommy Young

Eighth grade, Division I: Chris Garland

Collins Hill

8-year-old: Kaleb Laidler

9-year-old: Ashton Burt

10-year-old: Landon Rechin

11-year-old: Andrew Beard

12-year-old: Trayvis Hunter


6- and 7-year-old: Evan Miller

11-year-old: Maddox Simmons

12-year-old: Kobe Hoke

Eighth grade: Alijah Patillo


8-year-old: Brodie Bridgeforth

10-year-old: Aiden Balles

11-year-old: Josh Echols

Eighth grade: Michael Barlow


10-year-old: Parker Moore

12-year-old: Benjamin Vanden Bos

Eighth grade: Lorenzo Walters


6- and 7-year-old: Zarquer Pledger-Payton

8-year-old: Josiah Stone

9-year-old: Kameron Mays

10-year-old: Cameron Washington

11-year-old: Joshua Jones

12-year-old: Damyon Pearson

Eighth grade: Jeremiah Caesar

Mill Creek

10-year-old: Brendon Davis

12-year-old: Jacob Schaefer

Mountain View

8-year-old: Jaxson Braswell

9-year-old: Easton Plemmons

10-year-old: Fareed Owusu


10-year-old: Zyaire Brantley-Mendez

12-year-old: Chase Huff

Eighth grade Division II: Esias Tompkins

North Gwinnett

6- and 7-year-old: Nolan Brock

8-year-old: Landyn Glover

11-year-old: Rhian Moore

12-year-old: Zach Lewis

Eighth grade: Chandler Jordan


11-year-old: Kevin Caldwell Jr.

12-year-old: Caleb Clay

Peachtree Ridge

6- and 7-year-old: Jhonny Janvier

8-year-old: Mason O’Brien

9-year-old: Landon Welch

10-year-old: Defense

11-year-old: Joel Bradford

12-year-old: Kristopher Jones



Fifth grade: Laila Givens

Eighth grade: Ashanti Sproles


First/second grade: Kenya Etheridge

Third grade: Evyn Williams

Fourth grade: Ashley Lillard

Fifth grade: Sydney Higgins

Sixth grade: Bella Cooksey

Seventh grade: Mallory Williams

Eighth grade: Julianne Oldknow


Fifth grade: Lexi Russell

Fifth grade: Berkley Dixon

Sixth grade: Braidyn Cole

Seventh grade: Gabby Sweatman

Collins Hill

First grade: Zoe Acosta

Second grade: Kayla Salary

Third grade: Laila Harris

Fourth grade: Yasmin Lopez

Fifth grade: Lindsay Sharpton

Sixth grade: Jordin Williams

Seventh grade: Gabriel Green


First grade: Gianna Ortiz

Seventh grade: Arielle Smith


Second/third grade: MacKenzie Grimes

Fourth grade: Arianna Daversa

Eighth grade: Anylah Austin


First/second grade: Anniston Knowles

Third grade: Karlie Ruppe

Fourth grade: Zoey Rebman

Fifth grade: Vanessa Rivera

Sixth grade: Abigail Pilcher

Seventh grade: Sammie Mosier

Eighth grade: Liana Jones


First/second grade: Kailyn Riley

Third grade: Rachel Wright

Fourth grade: Kylie Moore

Fifth grade: Heaven Wynn

Sixth grade: Azare'onna Taylor

Seventh grade: Zaniyah Battle

Eighth grade: Trinity Tippens

Mountain View

First/second grade: Madelyn Fraga

Third grade: Chloe Gaines

Fifth grade: Erin O’Toole

North Gwinnett

Third grade: Presley Mentzer

Fourth grade: Amelia Hobbins

Fifth grade: Ella Hermoyian

Sixth grade: Carolyn Steed

Seventh grade: Cameron Nix

Eighth grade: Aurora Streleckis


Fourth grade: Laila Peete

Peachtree Ridge

First/second grade: Lauren Eason

Third grade: Nora Turner

Fourth grade: Khamani Hickman

Fifth grade: Bria Tatum

Sixth grade: Morgan Baccus

Seventh grade: Alise Griggs

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