Mill Creek and Norcross players line up during a 6- and 7-year-old Gwinnett Football League game on Saturday, Sept. 7.

The Gwinnett Football League’s players and cheerleaders of the week (athletes were selected by his or her coach):



11-year-old: Stephen Ferrell


6- and 7-year-old: Cannon Burks

8-year-old: Noah Ford


6- and 7-year-old: Brian Stone

8-year-old: Whole team

9-year-old: Zaxton Kirchoff

10-year-old: Rhett Johnson

11-year-old: Mason Litt

Collins Hill

6- and 7-year-old: Vinson Washington II

9-year-old: Dylan Shultz


11-year-old: Ari Benjamin

12-year-old: Isiah Jennings


8-year-old: Christian Allgood


7-year-old: Ryan Rush

8-year-old: Jaelyn Marti

9-year-old: Vincent McNicol

10-year-old: E.J. Saldana

11-year-old: Ben Vanden Bos

12-year-old: Logan Laughlin

Eighth grade: Blaine Garner


8-year-old: Davion “Bear” Harvey-Lovell

9-year-old: Jamien Fowler

10-year-old: Tajiddin Smith

12-year-old: Daveion Spraggins

Eighth grade: Mekhi Barnett

Mountain View

6- and 7-year-old: Kayden Richardson

8-year-old: Graham Williams

9-year-old: Jared Stowers

10-year-old: Austin Higgins

12-year-old: Harrison Raley

Eighth grade: Anderson Kesinger


6- and 7-year-old: Makhi Victor

9-year-old: Whole team

10-year-old: Whole team

11-year-old: Kolby Brown

12-year-old: Jacob Willis

Eighth grade: Kendal Ramsey

North Gwinnett

6- and 7-year-old: Ethan Joyner

10-year-old: Ewan Glass

Eighth grade: Kyle Beeco Brock

Peachtree Ridge

6- and 7-year-old: Tanner Jarrard

8-year-old: Julian Fleury

9-year-old: Blaze Johnson

10-year-old: Langston Abernathy

11-year-old: Cope Durand

South Gwinnett

7-year-old: Leslie Malone

10-year-old: Justin Castro

11-year-old: Mike Williams III

Eighth grade: Kendall Beard



Third grade: Jillian White

Sixth grade: Mariah Davis

Eighth grade: Jaime Flaherty


First grade: Jayla Tolbert

Second grade: Bryce Tillery

Third grade: Ashley Lillard


Sixth grade: Quinn Conwell

Collins Hill

First/second grade: Harper Naolu

Third grade: Bria Hardy

Fourth grade: Silah Marthone

Fifth grade: Kylie Bell

Sixth grade: Baylie Sullivan

Seventh grade: Tiana Maldonado

Eighth grade: Athziri Gonzalez


Fifth grade: Marlea Williams


First/second grade: Aubree Jones

Third grade: Mattie Lantz

Fourth grade: Julia Coyle

Fifth grade: Madison Brady

Sixth grade: Jenna Daymond

Seventh grade: Yadira Guerrero

Eighth grade: Haylee Godfrey


First/second grade: Brailyn Rodell

Third grade: Maliyah Standridge

Fourth grade: Khya-Rane Pearson

Fifth grade: Ameera Neal

Sixth grade: Kennadi Collins

Seventh grade: Jada Covington

Eighth grade: Tanai Reid

Mountain View

First/second grade: Hollen Freyre

Third grade: Avery Gamel

Fourth grade: Olivia Payne

Fifth grade: Samantha Campbell

Sixth/seventh grade: Mackenzie Burley

Eighth grade: Sophia Acquaviva

North Gwinnett

First/second grade: Charlotte Galant

Third grade: Laci Jensen

Fourth grade: Evelyn Gwizdala

Sixth grade: Whole team

Peachtree Ridge

First/second grade: Markalya Lee

Third grade: Raleigh Nelson

Fourth grade: Dyllan Brinagh

Fifth grade: McKenna Butera

Sixth grade: Caroline Vaughn

Eighth grade: Reyna Valera


First/second grade: Lyric Torrence

Third grade: Tia Portis

Fifth grade: Anaiyiana Cruz Leverock

Eighth grade: Kyla Hall

South Gwinnett

First/second grade: Layla Walker

First/second grade: Julayna Walters

Fourth grade: Amani Jones

Fifth grade: Chloe Mathis

Sixth grade: Caleya Shepherd

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