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From staff reports



Archer Tigers

Head Coach: James Wellington

2019 Record: 4-11

Returning Starters: MF Wyatt Maddox, Sr.; A Luke Chamlee, Sr.; A Sam Lester, Sr.; A Stevon Porcha, Sr.; G Jimmy Kelley, Jr.

Newcomers/other key returners: D Kameron O’Rourke, Sr.

Outlook: Despite a disappointing season and the return of only five starters from a year ago, the Tigers are undaunted and are confident they can return to the state playoffs in 2020.

Brookwood Broncos

Head Coach: Dru Ulloa

2019 Record: 8-9

Returning Starters: G Timothy Mitchell, Sr.; G Patrick Williams, Jr.; D Chase Calendine, Sr.; MF Selassie Richardson, Sr.; MF Jacob Brown, Jr.; MF Ryan Burpee, Soph.; MF Erik Fornek, Soph.; A John Ludwiczak, Sr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: A Davis Moore, Soph.; A David Howard, Sr.; A Mack Trentini, Fr.; D Franklin Phan, Sr.; D M.J. Mckay, Soph.; LSM Caleb Harris, Soph.

Outlook: With a younger team this year, the Broncos are looking forward to building back our positions and looking to the younger underclassmen to step up to fill big roles. A strong senior class continues to work hard to create a competitive environment and

hope to be the best team Brookwood has field to date as to make it back to the state playoffs, and the Broncos hope, beyond.

Collins Hill Eagles

Head Coach: Branson Mikell

2019 Record: 12-4

Returning Starters: D/LSM/MF Tucker Bailey, Sr.; D/LSM Cai Barnes, Sr.; A/MF Jacob Davidson, Sr.; D Grayson Koerner, Sr.; A/MF Tanner Wilson, Jr.; A/MF Carter Kitts, Sr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: MF Mac Cao, Sr.; MF Josh Goode, Soph.; A Josh Perras, Soph.; LSM Justin Martin, Soph.; A Dominic Mask, Jr.; G John Tillman, Soph.

Outlook: Mikell is expecting for a strong effort from a squad led by a very disciplined and veteran-led defense. The offense will be cycled through the Eagles’ athletic midfielders and an overall high-tempo attack.The overall talent level has expectations high for Mikell.

Dacula Falcons

Head Coach: David Bethea

2019 Record: 5-13

Returning Starters: A Andrew Beasley; A John Blair; MF Matt Morgenroth, Jr.; MF Christian Walker; MF Justin Fields; D Avory Nemorin; D Jacob Bolich

Newcomers/other key returners: MF Alex Crabb, Jr.; A Dylan D’Amato, Jr.; D Chad Whitehead, Sr.; D Isaac Gierlach, Jr.; G Dallen Rawson, Fr.

Outlook: The Falcons enter 2020 with high hopes in just its third year as a varsity program. Junior Matt Morgenroth is back after being among the county scoring leaders with 44 goals in just 16 games as a sophomore last year. The Falcons will also feature a number of newcomers and two-sport athletes looking to build towards the first winning season in program history.

Duluth Wildcats

• Head Coach: Branson Mikell

• 2019 Record: 12-4

• Returning Starters: D/LSM/MF Tucker Bailey, Sr.; D/LSM Cai Barnes, Sr.; A/MF Jacob Davidson, Sr.; D Grayson Koerner, Sr.; A/MF Tanner Wilson, Jr.; A/MF Carter Kitts, Sr.

• Newcomers/other key contributors:  MF Mac Cao, Sr.; MF Josh Goode, Soph.;  A Josh Perras, Soph.; LSM Justin Martin, Soph.; A Dominic Mask, Jr.; G John Tillman, Soph.

• Outlook: Mikell is expecting for a strong effort from a squad led by a very disciplined and veteran-led defense. The offense will be cycled through the Eagles’ athletic midfielders and an overall high-tempo attack.The overall talent level has expectations high for Mikell.


Dacula Falcons

Head Coach: Charles Crane

2019 Record: 7-9

Returning Starters: MF Noah Sexton, Sr.; A Justin Stine, Sr.; A Rex Meyers, Sr.; LSM Trey Davis, Jr.; D Kai Bush, Sr.; MF Brandon Martinez, Jr.; G Jayden Witucki, Sr.

Newcomers/other key returners: MF Tony Nguyen, Soph.; MF Connor Matheson, Fr.; D Gerardo Zamora

]Outlook: In an attempt to help the program continue its building process from the youth league feeder programs all the way up to varsity, the Wildcats will be playing a non-area schedule this spring. By doing so, Crane is hopeful that the team’s confidence and on-field experience will take a giant step forward as a result.

Grayson Rams

Head Coach: Gio De La Pena

2019 Record: 11-8

Returning Starters: D Porter Hale, Sr.; LSM Ben Blankenship, Sr.; MF Ben Durkin, Sr.; MF Dylan Shellnut, Sr.; MF Suman Ramlall, Jr.; FOGO Ryley Cunningham, Jr.; A Palmer Hayes, Soph.

Newcomers/other key contributors: LSM Ty Freeman, Sr.; G Matthew Adams, Sr.; D Colin Luongo, Soph.; Connor Stone, Sr.; D Andrew Clements, Sr.; A Kevin Landers, Sr.; A Max Hellwig, Sr.; MF Addison Skinner, Sr.

Outlook: With the return of five senior starters, plus the presence of six other seniors, experience shouldn’t be an issue for the Rams in 2020. That the bulk of this group, and some of the underclassmen, have played together since rec league, team chemistry should be a big plus. And as versatile as this group is, De La Pena should have plenty of lineup options as the Rams look to compete for an area title and make a deep state playoff run.

Lanier Longhorns

Head Coach: Colin Cederna

2019 Record: 5-10

Returning Starters: D Marcelo Trevino, Sr.; D Joseph Graham, Soph.; G Andre Martinez, Sr.; MF Josh Olsen, Sr.; MF Jack Goldstein, Jr.; A Richard Rannals, Sr.; A Noah Schiefelbein, Jr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: A Noah McIntosh, Sr.; MF Andrew Graham, Fr.

Outlook: Cederna sees enough talented and the proper attitude for the Longhorns to make a jump from last year’s finish and inch closer to the .500 mark, though to do that, they will have to capitalize on on their opportunities and keep turnovers to an absolute minimum. Cederna is particularly interested to see how the addition of freshman Graham on face-offs could have an impact in increasing possession opportunities.

Meadowcreek Mustangs

Did not report

Mill Creek Hawks

Head Coach: Alan Tallman

2019 Record: 14-5

Returning Starters: D/LSM Logan Tucker Sr.; D Parker Cyr, Sr.; A/MF Nick Calabrese, Sr.; LSM/D Will Blake, Sr.; MF/D Drew Bennett, Sr.; MF/A Nick Kava, Jr.; D/LSM Daunte Shaw, Jr; DM Trevor Johnson, Jr.

Key newcomers: G Brayden Williams, Fr; A/MF Ed Downey, Jr.; A/MF Max Calabrese, Jr.; MF/A Parker Emmett, Jr.; FOGO Andrew Mallard, Jr.; MF/A Spencer Koh, Jr.

Outlook: After losing three All-County attackers to graduation, there’s a bit of mystery and somewhat unproven talent on the offensive side. That said, Tallman and company are very excited about the potential of the offense, and at this point, it feels like a deeper group to them. Nick Calabrese and Kava are two guys who have already proven they can consistently score and put up respectable numbers, and Tallman also likes both of their versatility. Defensively, the Hawks have an opportunity to be elite with two Division I commits in Super Six selections Tucker and Cyr, as well as Blake and Shaw. Brayden Williams is a freshman goalie is someone Tallman sees as a unique talent, while Andrew Mallard brings plenty of potential to the Hawks on the face-off.

Mountain View Bears

Head Coach: Tanner Botts

2019 Record: 10-6

Returning Starters: A Chasen Campbell, Sr.; A Lathan Hysler, Jr.; MF Brandon Outler, Sr.; MF Darian Welsh, Sr.; D Will Cobb, Sr.; D Jacob Lund, Sr.; LSM Tyler Barlan, Sr.; FOGO Mitchell Taylor, Sr.

Newcomers/other key returners: A/MF Kyle Hennelly, Soph.; A/MF Destin Perkins, Jr.

Outlook: After coming off the first playoff season in school history, the Bears are expecting to build off of that momentum behind a veteran cast led by eight returning starters, including Super Six midfielder Outler.

Norcross Blue Devils

Head Coach: Nathan Thornton

2019 Record: 3-14

Returning Starters: MF Logan Gaddis, Sr.; MF Kaleb Jackson, Jr.; MF Xavier Oglesby, Sr.; A Patrick Elder, Soph.; D Anthony Nelson,Sr.; D Lovelle Williams, Sr.; LSM William Huelsbeck, Sr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: A Bailey Campbell, Sr.; A Zack Miller, Soph.; A Connor Abshire, Fr.; MF Jacob Moebes, Soph.; MF Liam Barbeau,; D Dameon Onoreto, Sr.;

Outlook: The Blue Devils are optimistic for improvement. For 2020 with a much more balanced schedule and the return of several returning contributors from a year ago.

North Gwinnett Bulldogs

Head Coach: John Palocsik

2019 record: 17-3

Returning Starters: G Sean Ring Sr., A Danny Kesselring So, A Zach Swanson Sr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: A Banks Lacey Jr., M Nick Eliacin Jr., A Cole Shallat Sr., M Jack Reilly Sr., M JM DeHaan Sr., D Gabe Emmons Sr.

Outlook: After a successful season and area title in 2019, the Bulldogs try to reload the spots vacated by seven graduated starters from a year ago. But with an experienced offense and one of the best goalies in the state in Super Six selection Ring, Palocsik and his squad are excited to see what the young players on defense can bring this year.

Parkview Panthers

Head Coach: Floyd Cooper

2019 record: 10-9

Returning Starters: A Jack Bunson, Jr.; A Peyton Haislip, Jr.; A Ryan Craig, Jr.; D Elijah Brown, Sr.; D Malachi Lindsey, Jr.; D Michael Lindsey, Jr.; MF Andrew Marshall, Jr.

Newcomers/other key contribtors: G Sam Lindsey, Fr.; G Jack Davis, Sr.; FOGO Quincy Bryant, Jr.

Outlook: The Panthers look to build on their third consecutive playoff appearance with a squad that is returning all of its key players and has upgraded at face-off and goalie positions. The core group of players are now upperclassmen, and the leadership should propel the team forward as they try to secure a possible home playoff game.

Peachtree Ridge Lions

Head Coach: Tyler Botts

2019 Record: 5-9

Returning Starters: LSM Max Graves, Jr.; MF Riley Shaw, Jr.; A Kitt Pressly, Soph.; D Davis Green, Jr.; D Aarya Narang, Sr.; A Alex Carman, Jr.; D Allante Burley, Soph.

Newcomers/other key contributors: A Anish Reddy, JR.; MF Nathan Landry, Soph.; MF Jemil Price-Staton, Sr.; MF Brandon Harvey, Jr.; MF Avery Kennedy, Jr.; D Tim Bondon, Jr.; MF Jason Reichel, Jr.; D Simon Joubert, Jr.; MF Thomas Kennedy, Sr.; G Davis Wheeler, Jr.; MF Ryan Tran, Sr.

Key newcomers: After a rebuilding year in 2019, the Lions are looking to return to the postseason and break a two-year absence. There are several players with a lot of varsity experience returning, especially on the defensive end of the field.



Buford Wolves

Head Coach: Kevin Peek

2019 Record: 17-5

Returning Starters: D Jason Roche, Sr.; A Danny Reymond Sr.; A Mikey Canavan Jr.;A Jackson Rhodes, Soph.

Newcomers/other key returners: G Eric Warnstrom, Sr.; MF Adam Reymond, Sr.; MF Ashton Daniels, Soph.; MF Zach Salo, Soph.; MF Ben Martin, Soph.; D Carson Garrison, Jr.; D Davis Peek, Soph.; LSM Jaydan Johnson, Jr.; FOGO Braden Cole Soph.

Key newcomers: Despite the loss of 13 seniors from last year state semifinal team to graduation, the Wolves return several players that got experience in big games. The skill level and overall athleticism is at a level Peek believes is as good as it has ever been, but there is still a lot of youth, though that youth is also bolstered by another strong group of seniors. The Wolves also have the benefit of several players, who have come over from Buford’s state championship football team.

GAC Spartans

Head Coach: Tim Ball

2019 Record: 11-10

Returning Starters: LSM Thomas Lowman, Jr.; D/MF Collins Barnett, Sr.; FOGO Aidan Bailey, Jr.; FOGO Eli Keadey, Jr.; A/MF Joseph Rose, Jr.; A Mason Duriez, Jr.; D Hudson Higgins, Jr.; MF Connor Maxa, D/MF Will Gary, Soph.

Newcomers/other key contributors: G Everett Morgan, Sr.; MF Sam Marchiando, Sr.; D Alex Kahn, Jr.; D Hayden Downs, Soph.; MF Mason Bruning, Jr.; MF/A Na’im Moss, Jr.; A Parker Quisling, Jr.; MF James Canipe, Fr.; A Colton Harsh, Fr.

Outlook: The Spartans were actually a little disappointed in their 2019 finish, though moreso with the overall record than how it eventually finished. For this spring, the defense has undergone something of an overhaul, with only juniors Lowman and Higgins returning from a year ago. Ball is looking for Morgan to blossom after serving a back-up last season, while Downs and Kahn carry similar expectations. Time will tell if the midfielders and attackers, who were mostly freshman and sophomores last year, have developed to make a serious run this season. Even though there are several returners, there are also quite a lot of new faces, most of whom are coming out of wrestling season. If the stick skills continue to develop and the chemistry is right, the Spartans may be in the mix once again.

Wesleyan Wolves

Head Coach: Connor Breslin

2019 Record: 11-8

Returning Starters: A Vance Nicklaus, Jr.; D Cardo Gottlich, Sr.; G Chandler Copenhaver, Soph.; FOGO Jackson Turner, Jr.; MF Zach Blanton, Soph.

Newcomers/other key contributors: MF Mitch Badciong, Soph.; D Jackson Merkl, Soph.

Outlook: Breslin comes over from Mount Pisgah and inherits a team that will rely a lot on its defense early on as several youngsters look to grow and try to produce and help offset the loss of several offensive playmakers to graduation. Breslin is looking forward to see how quickly the Wolves can adjust as they compete in a tough area that includes Gwinnett County foes Buford and GAC.



Archer Tigers

Head Coach: Leslie Stewart

2019 Record: 9-8

Returning Starters: A Emily Flynt, Sr.; MF Braeley Hipp, Sr.; MF Sarah Spivey, Sr.; MF Carmen Corley, Sr.; D Alex Johnson, Sr.; D Lovette Choloh, Jr.; D Morgan Eisner, Sr.; A Hailey Williams, Soph.; MF Amber Washkill, Soph.; D Madelyn Long,Jr.; G Naomi Nunnally, Soph.

Newcomers/other key contributors: MF Kaitlin Darby, Fr.; D Mallory Clark, Soph.; D Autumn Strange, Soph.

Outlook: Stewart sees the current crop of Tigers as the team’s trongest starting line up yet. The eight seniors, including Super Six attacker Flynt, were among her first set of freshmen and bring a lot to the table on and off the field. The Tigers’ goal is to win region for the fourth straight season and go far in the playoffs..

Brookwood Broncos

Head Coach: Diane Struck

2019 Record: 8-10

Returning Starters: A Callie Smith, Sr.; A Kendall Bullock, Sr.; A Nia

Richardson, Soph.; A Madison Cattagio, Soph.; MF Danielle LaPlume, Sr.; MF Elleanor Rey, Sr.; MF Camille Jennings, Sr.; MF Madison Jennings, Sr.; MF Ella Fornek, Soph.; D Tristan Landers, Sr.; G Aja Thomas, Soph.

Newcomers/Other key contirbutors: A Triniti Cassidy, Fr.; D Hana Tesfa, Jr.

Outlook: A new staff, headed by Struck and assistants Jason Jones, a former JV coach, and Dawn Thomas, inherits a Broncos team that features a good mix of youth and experience. As the players and new coaches get to know each other, the Broncos will look to continue to improve to leapfrog past the .500 and set the stage to a deeper playoff run from a year ago.

Collins Hill Eagles

Head Coach: Kimberlee Mankin

2019 Record: 3-15

Returning Starters: MF Natalie Arrue, Sr.; D Alyssa Mejia, Jr.; D Halie Henry, Jr.; A Mckinsey Shorter, Sr.; D Rashelle Flood, Jr.; D Destiny Brayboy, Sr.; MF Claire Murad, Sr.

Newcomer/other key contributors: MF Lawna Henry, Soph.; MF Kiri Feldhaus, Jr.; MF Allie Ehrlich, Fr.; A/MF Sade Holmes, Fr.

Key newcomers: The return of seven starters has Mankin and the Eagles very hopeful the increased depth will help them rebound from a tough 2019 campaign.

Dacula Falcons

Did not report

Duluth Wildcats

Head Coach: Jeremy Mitchell

2019 Record: 6-11

Returning Starters: D Evelyn-Maria, Acquah, Soph.; D Adamaris Cruz Vazquez, Sr.; A Gracie Flores, Soph.; A Daniela Gomez, Soph.; D Logan Hall, Sr.; MF Kyle Irwin, Soph.; A Riley Johnson, Soph.; D Lois Mensah, Sr.; A Valerie Nguyen, Sr.; MF Kinlsey Purser, Sr.; A Mariana Quiroz Llano, Soph.; D Alejandra Rodriguez, Jr.

Newcomers/other key returners: D Nicole Buckner, Jr.; D Rachel Bui, Soph.; D Winsice Ng, Soph.; D D Aniya Rashid, Soph.; MF Katherine Smith, Soph.; A/MF Kayleen Umana Guzman, Fr.; A/MF Sydnee Williams, Fr.; D Tori Wolf, Fr.

Outlook: After graduating only one senior from a year ago, the Wildcats bring back a good deal of experience in 2020, led by Purser, who did a little bit of everything for a struggling young team. With a more seasons supporting cast in place, hopes have increased to try to make a move in the area race and compete for a postseason berth.

Grayson Rams

Head Coach: Jennifer Fornek

2019 Record: 9-8

Returning Starters: A Abbey Chambers, Sr.; D Arona Dowdell, Sr.; MF Ashley Steele, Sr.; D Kelly Wong, Sr.; A Mallory King, Sr.; MF Marissa Bowens, Sr.; D Tori Luongo, Sr.; A Aubri Ribblett, Jr.; D Jordan Springfield, Jr.; MF Makenna Bowens, Jr.; D Riah Burnett, Jr.; A Carolina Coleman, Soph.; MF Savannah Freeman, Soph.

Newcomers/other key returners: MF Kayanna Bowden, Fr.; A Abaigail Lapaix, Fr.; D Kieu Pham, Sr.; A Madison Brown, Sr.; A Ansley Cook, Jr.; A Shakarya Rawchaaa, Jr.; G Kayla Burrows, Soph.

Outlook: The Rams reached a milestone with the first state playoff game victory in school history in 2019, and look to take the next step and embark further into the postseason this spring. They will have a veteran squad led by nine seniors and six juniors that should bring plenty of poise and experience to the field.

Lanier Longhorns

Head Coach: Elizabeth Dolcimascolo

2019 Record: 6-11

Returning Starters: D Kaylee Avila, Sr.; MF Olivia Andrews, Jr.; A Jaden Russell, Jr.; A Presley Miller, Jr.; A Rachel Garrison, Jr.; MF Savannah Smith, Jr.

Newcomers/other key returners: G Hailey Allen, Soph.; MF Hannah Yi, Jr.; D Kamilah Leseur, Jr.; A Kennedi Thomas, Jr.; A Tiffany Torres, Jr.; D Frida Escamilla, Jr.; D Nicole Onumah, Jr.

Key newcomers: The Longhorns are looking to pick up where they left off last year. In just three seasons as a varsity sport, they’ve managed to double their seaon wins, but after graduating six starters last year, they will rely heavily on the returning underclassmen to continue the trend. With no player having more than four years of playing experience, the tam is motivated and passionate about taking another step forward.

Meadowcreek Mustangs

Head Coach: Bethel Ogbuehi

2019 Record: 0-25

Returning Starters: MF Vanessa Mendoza Contreras, Sr.; D Orion Njie, Sr.; Marlin Hernandez Sr.; D Leianis Servin, Sr.; ,A/ MF Sanjai Carty, Sr.; At Jessica Salinas, Sr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: A Emely Alarcon Lopez, Sr.; A Katherine Morales, Sr.

Outlook: The group returning, combined with some promising young newcomers has the Mustangs optimistic to take a step forward in 2020.

Mill Creek Hawks

Head Coach: Brian Williamson

2019 Record: 17-6-1, Class AAAAAA-AAAAAAA state runner-up

Returning Starters: G Juliana Pleck, Jr.; D Carolyn Braun, Jr.; D Caitly Costa, Jr.; D Riley Harris, Jr.; MF Lauren Dobbs, Soph.; MF Amyah Jackson, Jr.; A Reagan Finley, Sr.; MF Madison Park, Sr.

Outlook: Mill Creek loses a lot of offensive power from a 2019 team that posted the best finish in program history, including a pair of All-State players and two more U.S. Lacrosse All-Amercians, in addition to five other seniors. However, the Hawks return most of their defensive players and Super Six goaltender Pleck, who is already committed to play college lacrosse at Louisville. They also welcome back a starting midfielder/draw specialist who missed most of last season with an ACL tear. And with a strong group of freshman and sophomores adding depth to the team, hopes are high of making another deep postseason run.

Mountain View Bears

Head Coach: Paul Hennelly

2019 Record: 17-3

Returning Starters: D Carsyn Milburn, Sr.; D Riley White, Sr.; MF Maria Palomba, Jr.; A Lily Clawson, Jr.; A Mina Muirhead, Soph.

Newcomers/other key contributors: D Myah Dixon, Sr.; A Peyton Ryberg, Sr.; MF/A Emily Denaga Jr.; A Ashley Mercker, Jr.; G Laila Sampson, Jr.; D India Buckner, Jr.; MF Alexis Smith, Jr.; MF/D Ansley Burroughs, Jr.; A Anna Ramsden, Soph.; D Caylor Christman, Soph.; MF Lindsey Bowbliss, Soph.; MF Haley Butler, Soph.; MF/D Lindsey Ryberg, Soph.

Outlook: Coming off their best season that ended in a run to the State Quarterfinals, the Bears will reload with a young team after graduating about half of the 2019 roster. A tough non-Area schedule will challenge them as they work toward their goal of playing their best lacrosse in May for the playoffs. Al-County returners Palomba, Clawson and White provide experience at each positon group, while senior captain Milburn moves to defense to supportt Sampson, who replaces a four-year starter in goal. Sophomores Muirhead and Ramsden are expected to build on their promising varsity freshman campaigns and provide a scoring lift for the Bears. Hennelly is excited about the talent of the Bears, but knows patience is needed as game experience teaches this squad how to compete for a return state playoff berth.

Norcross Blue Devils

Did not report

North Gwinnett Bulldogs

Head Coach: Kristy Carter

2019 record: 10-10

Returning Starters: MF Kendall Stewart, Sr.; A Macy Young, Sr.; MF Kate Sheridan, Sr.; MF Avery Saylor, Sr.; A Caroline Ariano, Jr.; D Samara Panton, Jr.; A Hannah Barber, Jr.; A Sammi Briggs, Jr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: A Maya White, Fr.; D Erin Martin, Fr.

Outlook: New head coach Carter comes over from River Ridge in Cherokee County to try to lead a strong group of returning players, including high-scoring Super Six attacker Young, build on another playoff run from last season.

Parkview Panthers

Head Coach: David “Gunny” Erwin

2019 record: 12-6

Returning Starters: MF Sydney Trammel, Sr. (61 G, 38 A , 72 GB); MF Claudia Tanksley, Soph. (48 G, 47 A, 89 GB); MF Sarah Smith, Jr. (25 G, 19 A, 66 GB); A Anna Kathrine Estock, Jr. (28 G, 21 A, 24 GB); D Hannah Ravialle, Soph. (10 G, 5 A, 30 caused TOs, 65 GB)

Newcomers/other key contributors: A Sophie Garrett, Fr.; G Ivey Elliscu, Fr.; G Genasis Puerto, Soph.

Outlook: With three returning midfielders who scored 25 or more goals a year ago, including Super Six selection Trammel, the Panthers are looking for a very strong offensive game this year. The defense, led by Smith and Ravialle, will look to provide protection his front of a young goaltending tandem of Elliscu and Puerto.

Peachtree Ridge Lions

Head Coach: Winnie Caetta

2019 Record: 13-4

Returning Starters: MF Audrey Dutton, Sr.; MF NaQuia Hall, Jr.; A Anna-Marie Gazzo, Sr.; MF Emily Zambrano, Sr.; MF Antonella Zambrano, Jr.; D Madison Townsend, Sr.; D Mary Nelson, Sr.; D Maddie McNeil, Jr.; A Haley McCracken, Jr.; MF Danny Hardy, Jr.

Key newcomers: MF LVona Watkins, Fr.; MF Nicole Coffey, Fr.; G Faith Cheeseman, Sr.

Outlook: For the Lions, the 2020 season will be about grit. What they lack in size, they hope to make up for in hard work and experience. And Caetta is looking for enough focus and contributions from some younger talent to help the Lions make a run at a state playoff berth.



Buford Wolves

Head Coach: Marianne Cagle

2019 Record: 10-6

Returning Starters: D Anna Church, Sr.; A Skyler Thomas, Sr.; D Jordan Garrison, Sr.; D Julie Stuart, Jr.; MF Courtney Martin, Jr.; D Kaylee Moreland, Jr.; A Lauren Brown, Jr.; A Jordyn Olivio, Soph.; MF Kylee Kangas, Soph.; A Avery Treadwell, Soph.; A Heather West, Soph.

Newcomers/other key returners: MF Leah Marsh, Sr.; G Maddie McCoy, Fr.; D Ava Eckert, Fr.; D Anna Williams, Fr.

Outlook: The Wolves bring back 11 full- or part-time started from last year’s 10-win team, giving them a lot of depth and experience to try and take the next step forward.

GAC Spartans

Head Coach: Kendra Robinson

2019 Record: 7-8

Returning Starters: MF Lexi Vander Linde, Jr.; MF Ava Hanson, Sr.; D Keartson Dixon, Jr.; MF Madaline Facteau, Soph.; A Abby Jackson,Sr.; A Mary Caroline Morris, Soph.; A Kelley Dorr, Jr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: MF Hannah Mixon, Fr.; MF Cydney Merrick, Fr.; A Kaitlin Griffin, Fr.; G Sarah Swope, Fr.; Kylee Herbert, Fr.;Mary Ellis Davies, Jr.

Outlook: With a young team in 2020, Robinson expects the Spartans to be competitive in a lot of games and is looking to build a strong foundation for the future.

Wesleyan Wolves

Head Coach: Anna Myrick

2019 Record: 15-5

Returning Starters: A Whitaker Welch, Sr.; A Emma Kate Means, Sr.; A Molly Brown, Jr.; MF Anna Rae Copeland, Soph.; D Hanna Steiner, Sr.; G Emma Nydam, Jr.; MF Alden Pridgen, Jr.

Newcomers/other key contributors: MF Gray Bradach, Soph.; C Maggie Rheudasil, Soph.; D Riley Keller, Jr.

Outlook: With seven seniors to replace from last year’s state quarterfinal team, the Wolves will be looking to build a cohesive unit with some new faces in the lineup. Some players will be taking on new positions and further diversifying their game. So Myrick is looking forward to seeing the returning players adapt to the new challenges, and seeing the team’s three seniors lead the newer players.

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