THE BLITZ: Is it too early to start talking playoffs?

It’s almost the end of October, which means the regular season is nearly over.

The playoffs are on the horizon, so I thought it would be fun to take a quick peek at the postseason.

First off, I found it interesting that the coaches from Region 7-AAAAAA voted to change the tie-breaker last week.

The previous rule was if three teams with the same region record were tied and head-to-head record couldn’t break the tie, a coin flip would determine the winner.

The Region 7 coaches voted last week to adopt the GHSA tiebreaker, which would be a 10-minute mini-game on the Monday after the regular season and not a coin flip. Basically, they want it to be decided on the football field and not by the luck of a coin.

We might see that situation play out in a few weeks. There’s a chance Collins Hill, Peachtree Ridge and Mill Creek could end the year tied with the same region record. Two of those teams will make the playoffs and it’s a shame one of them will miss it. But if it comes down to a tie, at least they can decide it on the field.

On the other side of the county, all we know is Archer is the top team in Region 8-AAAAAA. The Tigers can clinch the program’s first region crown by winning one of their last two games. It’s quite a turnaround for a program that missed the playoffs last season. You have to go back 20 years for the last time a school won the region after missing the postseason the year before.

South Gwinnett won the Region 8 title in 1993 and went on to play for the state championship that year. They were 7-3 the previous year and didn’t qualify for the playoffs.

The rest of the region, well, no one knows for sure. It looks like Brookwood, Dacula and Grayson will make the playoffs, but South Gwinnett, Central Gwinnett and Shiloh are still lurking.

As far as the playoff bracket for Class AAAAAA, the No. 2 seed from Region 7 will have a pretty good draw. Region 3 (Langston Hughes) and Region 6 (Alpharetta) have the No. 1 seeds in that quadrant and those are typically not very good regions.

The No. 1 seed from Region 7 will possibly have a tough draw with last year’s state runner-up Lovejoy in that quadrant.

The No. 1 seed from Region 8 could face the Region 1 champion (Colquitt County/Camden County) in the quarterfinals.

There’s still three weeks left in the regular season, but that’s a sneak peek to the playoffs next month.


Shiloh pulls off shocker

I honestly thought I would go to my grave before Shiloh ever beat Parkview again. I really did. After 20 years, it just seemed like my alma mater would never get a win over Parkview.

The Generals built a 20-7 halftime lead on Friday and held on to beat Parkview 23-21 on a last-minute field goal. It was the first time Shiloh beat Parkview since 1991. I was in the fifth grade the last time that happened. Players on both teams weren’t even born. George H.W. Bush was President of the U.S. You get the picture, it was a really long time ago.

What’s even more impressive is Shiloh got the victory without its best player — running back Charles Shavers, who was injured.

The win bumped Shiloh to 4-4 on the year. The Generals are a win away from snapping nine straight years of a losing record. Two wins will give them their first winning season since 2003.

New Brown delivers

When Brookwood lost starting running back Josh Brown at the beginning of the year with an injury, I thought they would just plug in another RB and be fine.

Brookwood is a factory for producing running backs over the last 20 years, but it took some time to find Brown’s replacement.

Now as the regular season is winding down, it appears Brookwood just had to shake the Brown family tree to find its next standout running back. Brown’s younger brother Jesse Brown has taken on the starting job and flourished.

The sophomore rushed for 264 yards on 41 carries in the Broncos’ win over Central Gwinnett on Friday. That put Brown over 800 yards rushing for the season. If he stays on pace, he’ll rush for 1,000 yards this season and put himself among the other standout players to carry the ball for Brookwood.

Comets re-born

I saw South Gwinnett fall to Shiloh 21-14 at the beginning of the season and the Comets just looked lethargic. They had penalties, turnovers, no big plays, they just seemed kind of blah.

It was a totally different team on Friday against Grayson. The Comets actually had some life to them.

I don’t know if this team will make the playoffs this year, but I do think they will be very good in the next few years. Just looking at their roster and starters, they are playing a lot of freshmen, sophomores and juniors. This is a South Gwinnett team that has grown up a lot in the last month and could still slip its way in the playoffs.


• Collins Hill at North Gwinnett

Two of Region 7-AAAAAA’s top teams meet in the Battle of Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road. The Eagles can clinch a playoff spot if they upset the state’s No. 1 ranked team. The Bulldogs won the last five meetings against the Eagles.

• Peachtree Ridge at Norcross

The winner of this game can clinch home field in the first round of the state playoffs. Since starting the year 1-2, defending state champion Norcross has won five straight games.

• South Gwinnett at Archer

Archer can clinch the program’s first region title win a win over the Comets, a team they have never beaten. South is still in the playoff hunt, but needs to win out.

• Shiloh at Dacula

Dacula’s only win a last season was over Shiloh. The Falcons need another victory to help them get in the playoffs. The Generals are coming off a surprising win over Parkview last week to stay in the playoff race.


RobFromNorcross 1 year, 11 months ago

I don't think that your statement that the winner of PTR-Norcross game clinches the first or second seed (and a first round home playoff game) is accurate. The only thing for sure right now is that North and Norcross are in the playoffs (unless Meadowcreek or Mtn View pull upset of the century).

There is still the possibility of a 3-way tie at 6-2 for the #2, 3 and 4 seeds in Region 7 between Norcross, PTR and Collins Hill. It would take North to win out against PTR and Collins Hill, plus a Norcross loss to PTR on Friday, and Collins Hill beating Mill Creek Nov 8.

Another 3-way scenario for the Region 7 #1,2,3 seeds at 7-1. It would require Collins Hill to beat North and Norcross to beat PTR this Friday, Then North to beat PTR and Collins Hill also beating Mill Creek last week of the season.


LionPride 1 year, 11 months ago

If PR wins Friday, there is no three way tie, also, if Collins Hill wins, there again will be no three way tie.


RobFromNorcross 1 year, 11 months ago

Norcross is 5-1 now. If they lose to PTR and beat Meadow, they would be 6-2

PTR is 4-1 now. If they beat Norcross and Meadow and lose to North, they would be 6-2

CH is 4-1 now. If they lose to North, and beat Duluth and MC, they would be 6-2

In this scenario:

North would be 8-0 and win the Region

Norcross would be 6-2 with losses to PTR and North

CH would be 6-2 with losses to Norcross and North

PTR would be 6-2 with losses to CH and North

How is this scenario not a 3-way tie for the 2,3,4 seeds?


RobFromNorcross 1 year, 11 months ago

The second scenario:

North is 5-0 now, if they lose to CH and beat Mtn View and PTR they would be 7-1

Norcross is 5-1 now, if they beat PTR and Meadow, they would be 7-1

CH is 4-1 now, if they beat North and Duluth and MC, they would be 7-1

PTR would be 5-3 with win over Meadow, and losses to Norcross and North and get the #4 seed

In this scenario:

North would be 7-1 with only loss to CH

Norcross would be 7-1 with only loss to North

CH would be 7-1 with only loss to Norcross

How is this scenario not a 3-way tie for the 1,2,3 seeds?


RobFromNorcross 1 year, 11 months ago

I am glad they voted to change to tie-breaker to decide it on the field. If it was just to determine seeds or home field a coin flip is ok. But not to decide who is in or out.


RobFromNorcross 1 year, 11 months ago

After last night, we now know who the playoff teams from Region 7 are:





Norcross has clinched at least a share of the region title and will finish 7-1 in the region. With a loss by North Gwinnett in their final game against PTR, Norcross will get the #1 seed.

A very good Mill Creek team is left out no matter what else happens at this point.

The seeds are up in the air. There are two games that still matter for the seeds and both are in the last week of the season. These games are:

Peachtree Ridge at North Gwinnett

Collins Hill at Mill Creek

If North Gwinnett beats PTR, and Mill Creek beats CH, then seeds are:

1 NG (7-1)

2 Norcross (7-1)

3 CH (6-2)

4 PTR (5-3)

If North Gwinnett beats PTR and CH beats MC, then seeds are:

1T Norcross (7-1) (loss to NG)

1T CH (7-1) (loss to Norcross)

1T North Gwinnett (7-1) (loss to CH)

4 PTR (5-3)

I assume this three way tie for 1,2 and 3 would be decided by coin flips?

If North Gwinnett loses to PTR and Mill Creek over CH, then seeds are:

1 Norcross (7-1)

2 CH (6-2) (loss to Norcross, MC)

3 PTR (6-2) (loss to CH, Norcross)

4 North Gwinett (6-2) (loss to CH, PTR)

And lastly, if NG loses to PTR and CH over MC, then seeds are:

1 Norcross (7-1) (loss to NG)

2 CH (7-1) (loss to Norcross)

3 PTR (6-2) (loss to CH, Norcross)

4 North Gwinnett (6-2) (loss to CH, PTR)


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