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How will Jeremy Lamb do in the NBA?

Norcross grad Jeremy Lamb was picked by the Houston Rockets 12th overall Thursday in the NBA draft. Will he be able to help Houston improve from last season's 34-32 record?


Will Hammock 3 years, 2 months ago

Just starting to reach his potential, so I think he'll do very well. Has come a long way from a lightly recruited junior to first-round NBA pick. I'm looking forward to seeing how his game develops in the league.


HeadHunter 3 years, 1 month ago

I think he will develop into a good shooting guard in the NBA but the key word here is develop!!!

He is a string bean so he will need to add some weight and muscle to make it in the NBA and especially now that the game is so dang physical. They let them BANG now-a-days!

BUT……it’s all about being able to create your own show in the NBA and Lamb can do that so in time he will be a solid guard in the NBA.

I’m happy for the young man and his family!!!


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